Saturday, August 30, 2008

Painting Party

My back fence neighbour Alison came around last weekend for us to paint together. She walked around and then Jeff, her husband passed all her supplies over the fence. We spent the afternoon chatting laughing, and yes doing some painting.

We were both painting for the local women's art competition, sponsered by a local museum. I didn't get my entry in on time, and Alison never finished her work, (pictured above) but it was a great afternoon, just to hang out together, and the painting seemed to come easier.

My painting, half done is the one on the table in this photo. I stencilled a pattern on the background, to get a lace effect, and after this photo was taken, painted a still life of teapot and cups. The theme for the art comp was 'the everyday things women do' and for me nothing much gets done without a cup of tea.

Yesterday I went to opening of the exhibition of the artworks and there were just a couple of artists who thought the same as me. One of the prize winners had entered a work that was painted on a teapot. I'll see if I can get a photo to post on here next week.

It was great to paint with someone else, and this room is my favourite for painting, as the afternoon sun comes in and warms it in winter and in summer, I can open the doors and it stays cool. I've already got two more people who want to come paint next time we do it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,
I am posting your Pay it Forward parcel this week. I hope you like it.

pebbledash said...

Hello Hannah, a belated thank you for entering my giveaway, and I'm sorry your name didn't come out the hat. However, I have a couple of spare cards, so if you email me your contact details/address I'll get them in the post. My email is on my blog. Best wishes, Diana

han_ysic said...

Thanks Tracy and Pebbledash. Can't wait to get them.