Monday, August 4, 2008

Independance Days Challenge

Planted: Tamarillo Tree, from my old next door neighbours. About 12 Raspberry plants from friends from church. Celery seedlings.

Harvested: Oranges, eggs, salad greens( lettuce, parsley, nasturtium leaves, coriander)

Preserved: No

Stored: Pork. I cooked it last night, hoping to post the recipe today. Went to local bulk food store and got it for about half the price of supermarket pork. Polenta. BBQ Pork buns. Asian noodles.

Managed: I finished building my living area in front courtyard, with cardboard and newspaper laid down wet with brick edges (all recycled) and pebbles that used to be along the side of the driveway spread around. (the raspberries replaced the pebbles) It looks really great now.

Prepped: I bought Asparagus crowns and a sultana grape. Need to plant them.

Advocated for local food economy: Talked to friends about vege gardening. They are keen to start gardens too. One friend has fenced off their area (to protect from their dog) and another will wait til her partner returns from defence posting.

Reduced waste: Helped a friend fix her lawnmower so she didn't need to pay someone to do it.

Cooked something new: Do made up recipes count? Cauliflower curry. Sauteed some onion, then added cauliflower and grated carrot and steamed. Then added curry powder, turmeric, and coriander seeds and a tin of coconut cream. Simmered for 5-10 mins added some broken up chinese egg noodles towards the end. Served with natural yoghurt and coriander leaves. Yum

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