Sunday, August 10, 2008


I'll have to take another photo of this part, this photo doesn't show it well at all. I have removed all the pebbles that were there and planted a row of raspberry canes given to me by some friends whose raspberries had gone beserk. No complaints from me. Dug them up and had them in by the end of the day. My friend Debbie came around and helped me as my back was hurting a bit. She dug the holes and I put them in.
But the other side of the driveway is where things are really happening. I put newspaper and cardboard down, brick edging, and filled the space with the pebbles that used to be where the raspberries are now. My garden chair went on top. I planted my grafted apple trees on the far side, there are some strawberry plants there as well, close to the edge for easy picking.
In the forgroung you can see one of the iceberg roses, which needs hard pruning and probably relocation away from the edge of the garden. Behind it is my apricot tree (Newcastle Early) which was already in leaf, and some flowers as well.

On the far left with mulch around it is my nectarine (Fantasia) which is budding, but no leaves yet, and in between them are my three asparagus plants. The rest of the ground is all coved with green manure seeds, figure I'll grow them until I have things to plant in their space, and they can improve the soil while it waits.

Yesterday I relocated the compost bin to the front yard, i'll move it round occasionally, my aim is that it will attract worms to break up the (quite compacted) soil and improve the quality and quantity of soil too. As I move it around I can then follow with planting some veges in the empty spaces.

The front of the garden faces north east and has the most lovely feel in the morning when the sun comes up. The trees should be protected from the hot westerly sun by the house, and from the wind as well for the most part.

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