Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Here comes the light - winter solstice

I have never celebrated winter solstice before, I think because if it's ever advertised it's put forward as a pagan religious festival full of chants and spells. Winter solstice is the night when the earth turns back towards the sun for us southern hemisphereans and we experience the longest night of the year, but that means the light is coming back! 

A friend of mine was going to a solstice lantern walk on a property near where I live. Her two children had made lanterns and there were lots of families with different creations. An almost magical time was had of playing games about Jack Frost followed by quiet walking through the woods leading to a fire with lanterns strung around where stories were told and songs sung with the children before eating sun cakes and hot chocolates for all. 

A lovely night, so glad to have shared it. Do you or your family do anything to celebrate winter solstice?

Hannah :)