Monday, August 18, 2008

Garden Update

I didn't get anything really done in the garden this morning, (I have to confess, I am reading 'The other Boleyn Girl' and it kept me up last night). But I did take the camera out and took some shots to show some of what is happening.

Re-using PET bottles as cloches, the lettuce is now huge, and there were some basil seedlings that were fading away in the darkness. Hopefully they will not only get some light, but grow faster with the warmer microclimate created in here, and the slugs and bugs will be deterred until they are a bit bigger.
This picture is very exciting, my first two snow pea pods and lots more coming. I love fresh snow peas, and the only reason these will make it from the garden inside the house without being eaten first is that I am weighing everything I grow. The trellis is recycled concrete reinforcing wire.

Apricot blossom, which smells divine, and two spend blossoms above it - hopefully growing apricots!

This is a new flower I bought, perennial. Arctotis var. Hannah. Being so pretty and having my name, I couldn't go past it.
And lastly, my broad bean flowers! No pods yet though. They are self fertile aren't they?

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