Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jervis Bay sightseeing.

Had a friend visit this past weekend, lots of fun. Hannah (yes, her name is Hannah too) is from Tennessee USA, but we met on a Glacier in NZ south island. Spend the day walking around chatting for hours, and on the bus on the way home realised that we were both called Hannah. Anyhow, kept in touch, and it so happened that she needed to escape the country briefly to allow a working holiday visa to expire and so came to hang out here.

Point Perpendicular is the northern tip of Jervis Bay, the most beautiful place in the world. This lighthouse isn't in use anymore, but was an important lighthouse, the bay used by the Navy and as a refuge in times of storms (They originally built the lighthouse further north and it was demolished as it was leading ships to the rocks rather than away from them.)

There are three of these gorgeous sandstone cottages in a row, look like they were picked up from a street in Sydney in the Rocks and plonked down here at random. They are stunning, and you can just imagine people living in them at the turn of last century.

After looking around the lighthouse, I took Hannah to the spot around the corner where people rockclimb, no-one out this day. It's quite a challenging spot, only a couple of climbs under grade 20. I haven't done any of these yet, but they're on my wishlist. There is a sliver of rock, about 15metres high, and we found the path to get out onto it. This is us standing on top, it's about 2 metres wide here, and narrows to 1 metre wide just past where we are.

The water was gorgeous, so much so that when we got to Honeymoon bay around the corner, I did put my feet in. This is me at honeymoon bay, see I match the water with my fashion.

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