Wednesday, February 6, 2013

floods and fires - challenge

As many around the world would know Australia has been hit with a huge fire season this year and now with the devastating floods associated with cyclone oswald. Our church is involved through coordinating nationwide disaster response through GlobalCare. We are working with our church in Bundaberg to run an evacuation centre, run food drops to areas still isolated by the floods and will once able be assisting people in returning to their homes. Some people have still been unable to return to even see the damage due to the extent of flooding.

My friend Isobial has put the challenge out there to cut your grocery bill to help a mate in need. Could your family survive on $300 a month groceries or $75 per person? We've done it before an its easier than you'd think!

If you think you could give it a go let's do it an put our excess grocery savings towards Global Care's support of these devastated communities.
If you would like to donate to assist the efforts - 100% of all donations will be used on the ground to help victims -then here are our details. Global Care Disaster Relief Fund. BSB 704 024  A/C No. 100 00429

Over February I will try and post some hints and ideas, recipes and tips to help people do this.

Hannah xo