Monday, August 25, 2008

Growing Challenge / Independance Days Challenge.

Planted: Asian greens, leeks, cucumbers, squash, capsicums and eggplants.

Harvest something: Lettuce, Rocket, Dandelion greens, Snow Peas (First ones) Have been eating Salad from the garden most days now.

Preserve something: Attempted to make lillipilli jelly - dismal faliure. I was using a local variety of lillipilli that's a purply grey, just not the same as the hot pink ones I used in Sydney.

Manage Reserves: Using up more old stock - Brown rice, old tin of tuna, creme caramel packet.
Prepped: Set up the small greenhouse again to start the spring veges in. This time I weighted it down with bricks so I don't worry about it blowing over again.
Worked on Local Food Systems: Have set a date for first Permaculture Network Meeting. Not this weekend but next. If you know any gardeners in the Shoalhaven area, tell them to contact me about it!
Reduced Waste: Using old milk cartons cut up as plant labels. Scraps from church and from neighbours for chickens and compost.
Cooked something new: Creme Caramels. (It was a packet mix I must admit, but it needed using up, and it worked perfectly) I took the leftovers to my morkmate's for dinner last night. Also made a Banana Loaf and a Pear and Lillipilli cake. (It's great too except I'm not happy with the lillipillis, need to use normal variety which is better for eating, leave the local ones to the birds.)
More Info about the Growing Challenge

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