Sunday, August 10, 2008

Big Weigh In

Well, I have been inspired by Path to Freedom, and by Phelan at A posse ad esse to keep a record of what my garden brings in. Path to freedom are aiming for 10,000 pounds this year (Thats about 4500kilos for you metrics out there) and Phelan is up to 125 pounds.

I will add in an update on all my garden posts to let you know what I am up to. Seriously, it's so encouraging to keep a record, and it is also informative, lets you know when things are ripening, giving you ideas on when to plant next year, and what has struggled that you could try a different variety. The best part for me is that when I tell people about my garden, I can tell them that it is possible to grow a significant part of your food in a relatively tiny space, eat better save money, and not put huge amounts of time or money in.

So, my total as of today is 8.5 kilos, or 18.7 pounds. Seeing as I only moving in in May this year that's not too bad (I was helped by the established orange trees :)

My rules are that if I pick it for human consumption and it was produced in my yard it counts. I'll keep you posted as it grows.

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