Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This Sunday I went with my mother and two people from our church to Riversdale for a Lior Concert.

Riversdale is one of two properties given by Arthur Boyd, a famous Australian artist to Australia in his estate. They are used for concerts, workshops, artists in residence etc. This photo above is the view back up the river from the Riversdale property. This is the Shoalhaven River, and I don't thank God often enough that I am blessed to live here. The property is 10-15 mins drive from my house.

Lior is an Australian music artist. Plays guitar and sings. Right up my alley. I had some friends who went to a recent concert and raved so I really wanted to go.

When we arrived they said they were sold out, but agreed to sell us some cheap tickets for standing room only (it had sold out weeks before the show.) However after having a picnic and the doors opening, so many people wanted to stay on their picnic rugs that we ended up sitting pretty much in the front row. (The photo below was taken without any zoom!) It was a great concert, and we got CD's afterwards.

He said an acapella song, a Hebrew blessing at the end. WOW!

Thanks to Steve and Sandy for driving and Lior and Brett for the music. It refreshed my soul.

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