Monday, August 25, 2008

Off to the Ball

I was saying to a friend last weekend that I needed to get out. It didn't happen that night, by about 5pm I was ready to crash in bed, but we found out that the 000 ball (for the emergency services) was on the following saturday. So this weekend we all got frocked up and headed to the Bowling club for a night out.

Debs took up a curling wand for the first time in her life, and did an awesome job on Bec's hair, they both looked gorgeous

Friends Alisa in red, Gareth and Alexis in matching outfits, Awww!

Fiona, Bec, Jill and me hanging out. The only downside to the night was that we were on the table closest to the door for the smokers and it was freezing outside. But we worked that one out, and one the delicious meal was over and the music started, we didn't mind the breeze, spent most of the night on the dance floor.
This may become a regular event!

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