Sunday, August 10, 2008

Independance Days Update

Plant something: Asparugus, Tamarillo, Raspberries, Apricot, Nectarine, Strawberries, Potatoes

Harvest Something: Lettuce, Pumpkins, Herbs, Brocoletti (My total for 2008 now 8.8kilos or 19.4lbs)

Store Something: Hay and Straw for mulching (although only half left now)

Managed Reserves: I worked on more of my paths, especially the one that goes to my chook run. More to go on it next weekend.

Prepped: Bought Sulfate of Potash (Supposed to be good for producing fruit) Had a look at my almond tree at the nursery. It hasn't produced any leaves or flowers yet, but the buds look good. Went to a garage sale, came home with a sizzle dish (you heat it up in the oven and then put the food on it) a table ironing board and a book on preserving food, complete with solar food dryer design - one of the projects I want to complete before summer.

Worked on Local Food Systems: Helped my mum renovate one of her gardens. Mainly flowers, as it's out the front, but she did agree to putting some strawberries in. The herbs and salad veges she wants to put out the back, that's a bigger job.

Reduced Waste: Collecting Church food scraps now - Chooks love it, and I don't have to buy as much food.


Kristi said...

I love your new look. You're really progressing too. Chooks, compost, new seems as if gardens are always a work in progress... such fun.

han_ysic said...

Thanks Kristi

It feels like it's starting to come together and it looks better too.