Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anzac Day

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old.... we will remember them.
This year I decided to go to the dawn service at Greenwell Point. Karl decided he would join me and in the end there was quite a group of us. It was really special to attend, I had been to the midday events as a girl guide but never the early service.
The boss of the local parachute training school gave an address and I was really impressed with his talk looking at what Anzac day is and is not. The think I liked the most is that Anzac day is not a day when we celebrate our might and strength as a country, where we praise our victories. Anzac day remembers one of our countries greatest defeats, at the shores of Gallipoli on 25th April 1915. This is made more special for me as my great-grandfather was an ANZAC. He was in the ambulance corp and I have a copy of his diary where he makes his first entry on Anzac day, telling of how they ran onto shore dodging bullets and many lives were lost.
Anzac day is a day to remember those who gave it all. Their lives. So that we might live the life we do today.

Sunrise at Greenwell Point following the dawn service.
After the service we went back and had breakfast at my sister's place and afterwards Karl and I spent the day together. He took me to this place where he used to work.

And we drove around Kangaroo Valley and through to Berry visiting some old friends of mine for afternoon tea.

Later we had Michael and Erika, my old flatmates for dinner, and Erika brought Anzac slice. Very fitting.

And it must be said that Michael and I triumphed at the post dinner card game. Who would have thought you could win 500 by calling 6 spades ten times in a row:)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How great is our God

View of the hills from the Hume Hwy between Gouldburn and Canberra early April.
I was driving to Canberra for a training course, left Nowra at 5:30am so this was soon after the sun came up. I love the gentle pastel colours, in fact I think I want to paint this photo. Maybe that can be my next art project.
It was lovely to catch up with Jill and with the Green family whilst there, although I didn't see family, those guys are family to me too.
And God was faithful when I needed to get from the training home to Jill's place and didn't know the way I was walking out to my car and walked past Jill's flatmate shutting up the shop she works in. I didn't have a clue where she works, so I was able to follow her home.

Steamer's Beach 4/4/09
This beach is in the Booderee National Park, at Jervis Bay, although this is south of the Bay on the ocean side. I went with a friend from church who is now my boyfriend. It's so strange to write that. I know my family who read this will want photos, and I'll see if I can oblige soon. I'm sure you'll all get to meet him in the near future. I can say that I didn't see this coming, but I'm very grateful that God has brought us together. I only pray that we will walk this journey together with wisdom, purity and grow in relationship with God as we grow in friendship with each other.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Hike

Hello there,

Happy Easter!
I spent the holiday on a hike in the Blue Mountains with some friends from the camp I lead on in January. We went for two nights, and although it rained quite a bit, it was nice weather when we were walking and I had a really good time. On the last day we walked through an amazing rainforest beside a creek that had lots of beautiful waterfalls. You can see a couple of photos at the sites below. (Unfortunately I didn't take my camera and my friends haven't gotten photos to me yet.)

One of the special parts was on the Saturday night when we stood around in the drizzling rain and I told the others about how the ancient church celebrated (and some anglican and catholic churches still do) the night before easter sunday with a service of new light. They would gather in the darkness, representing that Jesus, the light of the world was gone, and light a new light, often with a flint. From that they would light the easter candle, which for the next year would represent Christ's life in the church. Then each member takes a candle and lights it from the easter candle and then renews their baptismal vows. We didn't have candles but it was very special to stand and each in our own words rededicate our lives to Christ.