Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Food from the garden

Had my back fence neighbours for dinner on Monday night which was lovely. We had dinner together about a month ago. I only realised after making the offer on the house that theirs was the one behind. Jeff and Alison attend my church and I had made friends with them a month or two before.

This was one of the first 100 foot meals I have made (the idea being that the food travels less than 100 feet from where it was produced to where you eat it.) Well, the egg and brocoletti in the mini quiches and the salad all fitted into that category. It was delicious, and great to share my garden with my friends. We have decided neither is allowed to move, and Alison and I want Jeff to build a stile over the fence so we can visit each other without having to walk all the way around the block.

Jeff and Alison also brought some local organic beef they buy direct from the farmer (Alison's boss) and I gave them some of my chicken's eggs in return.

And we watched Peter Cundall's 'patch from scratch' while eating quinces I bottled myself with fruit gleaned from trees growing along the road near mudgee. (I also have a root cutting from this tree growing - hopefully delicious quinces soon to come) All in all a great night

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