Thursday, September 18, 2008

What happens when you put your hand up

Last Saturday I really started doing something about the Permaculture Group. Wednesday this week I met up with someone I have been chatting to online for a while who has bought a block of land to start a community garden. Some of the plots are going to be leased out to different community organisations. I explained that the group I was starting had no money to rent a plot but could be interested in supporting an educational garden where people can be inspired to do it themselves, where people who come and lend a hand share in the food that is produced.

After an hour over lunch we are looking at running some workshops and introduction to permaculture/gardening on the site to start something. Karen told me she was feeling overwhelmed by some locals who are concerned the site is going to be used as a big commercial site (based on hearsay and not true) and was feeling like giving up at some point. Now she is excited again. There is a school starting a community garden in the area and they are keen to do a course so I may be very busy this summer. It'll be fun.

Need to rally the troops for a herb spiral working bee! Let me know if you are interested in joining in!

This is part of the block of land. Prime growing land in our town on the old floodplain (now levees have been built) I can't wait.


stregal said...

Hi Hannah
It was great catching up with you on the weekend and at last night's meeting:-)
Finished my first dishcloth! Used my pattern cos I couldn't find the one you showed me...anyway, guess what everyone getting for Christmas this year!
Love Roberta
P.S. Will let you know when I publish my blog. I started it 5 months ago:-/

han_ysic said...

Great to catch up with you all too. I have planted out the sweet potato and pepinos you gave me and working through everything else over the next few days!
Love Hannah