Monday, September 8, 2008

Growing Challenge Update...

We receive buckets of rain - last week, pretty much didn't stop from thursday morning to saturday evening. And then the sun came out on Sunday for a beautiful day.

Thought I'd show you all my newest seeds, at the front rocket and lettuces, in the middle asian greens, and at the back daikon radishes, parsnip and silverbeet. They're all growing like mad. The soil is enriched with chook poo.
This is warrigal greens, new zealand spinach, probably known by other names as well. It's native to Australia, and is a spinach like plant that is perennial and grows as a bush rather than like traditional spinach. You do need to cook it before eating, but then it's delicious.

Broad beans are podding up and the bees are loving them, their flowers are gorgeous, and the plants just don't stop growing!

Jonquils.... That's all I need to say for this photo.

These are my first nasturtium photos, both the flowers and the leaves are great in salads, and give a peppery taste similar to rocket. And the flowers make me smile.

This is a photo of the whole back garden, you can see the nasturtium at the very left, then daisies in front of lettuces and snow peas, broad beans with onions and tomatoes behind (see what I mean about growing, they're about 1.3m high in places and still growing. Foot steps with lettuces between them and then the brocoletti and shallots. There's also Kohl Rhabi, parsnip, rocket, curly endive, parsley, coriander, thyme, silverbeet, rhubarb, garlic and vietnamese mint (just planted from cuttings I got last weekend rooted in a cup of water for a few days.)

This is my first apple leaves. This is one of the five I grafted and it seems that four of the five have taken and are growing!!! My first attempt at grafting so I'm very proud of this.

This is the first of my asparagus spears. I planted three crowns during winter, and I will let all the spears grow this year to allow the roots to fully grow. The guy at the store who sold them to me said that once they grow I can trim the fronds and use them in salads and pasta dishes and they do taste like asparagus.

The tamarillo tree is starting to grow some new branches and look a little less like a stick in the ground, but the nectarine looks as though the rain hit just as the flowers were about to open and they don't look great any more. I'll expect nothing off it, and if anything comes it'll be a bonus.

Does anyone else have experience with wet nectarines?

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