Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Independance Days Update

Planted: Daikon Radish, Silverbeet, cucumber, capsicum, eggplant, squash, quince tree (into the ground) cape gooseberry, bay leaf tree, sage, dwarf beans, midgym berry,

Harvested: Snow peas, lettuces, herbs, oranges, eggs

Preserved: Lemon Butter, Tomatoes.

Stored: Cheese, borevos (sp?-south african sausage) Chorizos, dried figs.

Managed: Cleaned out garage somewhat, although it's getting messy again!

Prepped: Picked up four car loads of straw left over after dressage championships. Bought Blueberries and Passionfruit.

Advocated for local food economy: Made contact with local museum which is organising a garden day to go and talk to people about permaculture. Also going to a friend's garden open day and will be signing people up for local permaculture mailing list and talking to people.

Reduced waste: Straw.

Cooked something new: Vege Curry, Banana Bread. (both great but the latter spectacular!)

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