Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Parcels in the post.

I received two parcels in the post this week. The first was my pincushion and needlebook swap through Rhonda's Down to Earth Blog. I love the pincusion in a cup, it's big enough that I shouldn't lose it! And love the sewing themed fabric.

Thanks Jenny

My swap for Jenny (with a roses theme) is in the post. I hope she enjoys it, and posts a photo to Rhonda's blog, I always am running late and forget to take one.

Now this is from Tracey at Sunny Corner Farm. It's my pay it forward gift. Handmade and absolutely gorgeous. The scarf is made I am guessing from the wool from her sheep and appears to be nuno felted (correct me if I'm wrong Tracey) and the birds are felted as well. They are in different poses, sitting, streching wings to take off and mid flight. They really are alive. Tracey also sent me some handmade soap, some seeds (including seeds for Golden Nugget Pumpkins) and a EarthGarden Mag, with an article on Golden Nugget Pumpkins. I'm just working out how early I can plant them.

The idea with pay it forward is that some one makes a gift for you and in return you offer to make a gift for three other people. I posted about this a while ago, but didn't get all three gifts taken so if anyone would like a gift, please leave a note in my comments. Or just leave a comment anyhow, I love knowing there are people who enjoy reading the blog :)


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