Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Youth Group

The youth at my church ran the service last saturday night. It was a great sermon, and probably the highlight was an item they did during the music part. They had the majority of the youth group on stage looking very smart in black and white, some playing drums and some singing as a choir. They played a song off the new Hillsong CD, I think the last one on the album, but it was so great to see all the kids up there.

Sharna, who also helped lead the singing that night was one of the drummers. She also plays bass, What a girl!
I love the fact that our youth aren't just a ministry of the church, they are part of the church, and involved in so many areas. Most of the kids who were on stage are involved in leading christian groups in their schools or helping teach sunday school. A lot of the kids in the youth group don't come from families who attend church, this is a decision they make for themselves, and they are amazing kids.

Our youth pastors (a married couple) preached the sermon together. Really great. Go Ruth and Steve.

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