Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spring (and a parcel in the post.)

This is my granny smith apple, three of the apples have sprouted leaves, two have flowers. The other two I'm not sure... Pretty good for a first go at grafting.

My raspberry plants have all sprouted. I may not get much this first year, hoping that future years will bring lots of fruit...

And my parcel from Diane at Pebbledash. She made the stamps by hand. They are so pretty and came wrapped up with a lovely tag.

Have been planting lots of seeds, waiting for it all to come up. Digging up more garden space. Actually gave up the spade and reverted to the mattock, so much easier and goes deeper. I planted some Golden Nugget Pumpkin Seeds that Tracy sent me in her Pay it Forward gift. Hoping they grow lots of yummy pumpkins.

My citrus trees are all full of blossoms, and smell divine. I have been spraying them with White Oil every two weeks and fertilised and mulched and they are all sending out new shoots as well, which all look very healthy so far. The lemon is a bit sad at the moment, I hacked it back severly as most of it's foliage was diseased and it seems to be responding well. Hoping to get an even bigger crop this year.

I also scored a whole lot of wood chips that had been dumped at the wrong address and they didn't want them. They are going down in my chook run. I think I'll have to keep the chooks in there, they are too distressed in the chook tractor, and I'll get a couple of Isa Browns or Bantams for the tractor.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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