Monday, September 15, 2008

Local Elections

My brother Bohdan campaigning at local council elections

There's been some discussions lately on blogs about building community and getting involved. I'm very proud of my brother who has run for council (local government) in the elections this saturday.
He has wanted to do this for a number of years now, and was running under a mayoral candidate who looks like he is winning. He is at 31.7% and the next closest is the current mayor at 25.1%. They are 2/3 through the votes and then they have to sort out preferences but there is a strong push by the other candidates to remove the current mayor so they will probably give their preferences to each other. If Paul (the mayoral candidate) gets in, then my brother will receive Pauls votes for Councillor and will be elected, and only at 22 years old. He will be a councillor for the next 4 yrs, and he's really excited about it. Both he and Paul are keen to talk with me about sustainability and community issues, so there really is hope that we will see some change.
Congratulations Bohdan and Paul. (even though it's not official) Here is the official website where you can check out the counting progress.

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riya said...

This is a lovely garden. The way bricks have been used in the middle of the garden is adding beauty to it. Nice photos!