Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Neighbourhood Networks

Have I mentioned before that my Back Fence Neighbours are the best?

Monday Jeff called and told me he was at the Equestrian Common in Worrigee (Where I used to keep my horse BTW) and there was oodles of straw left in the yards after the local pony club hosted the national dressage championships on the weekend. He was there with most of the neighbourhood who were carting home loads of straw and manure.

Jeff thought I would be interested but wondered if I would have trouble transporting it. He said because I only had a hatchback.

I think hatchbacks have a misconeption as being small cars. I think compact enclosed utes that can be used for transporting humans if necessary is probably a better description....

This was my car full of straw....

And this is the pile it made after I pulled it out of the car! Probably 2m by 1m by 1m tall in the middle.

I've picked up 3 loads so far, and I will go back for one more tomorrow. Supposedly some company will be clearing what remains thursday afternoon. My front garden is about to get mulched. hehehe.

What was rather ironic was that I had reached the end of my straw supplies over the weekend and had bought a new bale for $13 - should be illegal to charge that much! and then Jeff called me soon after I got to work.


ralion said...

Hannah, You are the best neighbour. Love Alison

han_ysic said...

Thanks Alison lol. PS thanks for the card in the fridge, can't wait to see what comes with it.