Monday, April 30, 2012

worth more than their weight in gold!

these tiny threads are worth more than their weight in gold.... what are they?

I bought a pack of bulbs this year and planted them the other week, and I have already had one flower come up! After my autumn flowering and fruiting pear tree, I freaked out that this is the wrong time of year and that they would wither and die, but no, they are supposed to flower now.

The flowers themselves are beautiful, and should be followed by thin green leaves.... the cost for the bulbs works out quite similar to buying a small packet of saffron threads in the supermarket, plus I will get them year after year.
In researching them it seems if you live in an area that freezes you may need to lift them and store them until the next year, but where I live there are no frosts so they can grow and multiply to their hearts content... I may have to consider investing in more - my retirement strategy :)

Have a happy day xo


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