Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gardening at work!

Today was the first sunny day that wasn't blowing a gale in a couple of weeks, so I brought the seedlings I had purchased, seeds I had saved from the garden and some pea seeds I bought and we planted out the garden!

There were two of us gardening and a few more having a look, we planted two rows of seed and a lot of herb seedlings... here's to winter salads at work from the garden!

Does your workspace have anywhere you could put a garden? I am blessed with a workplace that wants to encourage wellness, healthy living etc and we recently had a garage sale that raised money, some of which has been earmarked for the garden and supplies.

Just as I write this I am watching River cottage talking about landshare systems, where people who have land they can't utilise due to time or physical ability invite others to come and garden it. What an idea!

Post a comment where you think we should start growing veges and fruit!

Have a lovely day. xo

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