Sunday, April 22, 2012

Garden update part 2

So due to difficulty uploading more than three photos, here is the rest of the vege garden... (I should make a disclaimer that if I took photos of all the garden I think we'd be upwards of ten posts so just the veges today)

 I had pulled everything out of this garden last week and on the weekend planted broad beans and peas/snowpeas on the diagonal. In the spaces between I planted red cabbage seedlings and you can see there is still some nastutium straight ahead, dill in rh corner, spring onion on right, rocket bottom right and you can just see the basil on the left.
 This is the last bed, although eventually there will be two more... just waiting on more fence palings, and possibly have a lead on some more through a friend this week. In here is chillis, kale, ceylon spinach, leeks and rocket. In the middle I planted a second sowing of asian greens as many of the plants in here weren't ready to get rid of yet.

A close up of some of the kale - this is Cavalo Nero. It is delicious and around 1m tall stems now, we have benefited a lot and I also pick a couple of leaves each day for the chooks whose gate you can see behind.

Have a happy day xo

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