Sunday, April 29, 2012

what's in your mince?

Have you ever looked at the label of your mince.... it doesn't tell you whether your chicken mince is breast meat or thigh or indeed all the leftover bits with lots of skin and fat plopped in the mince machine...

I have one of these mincers and have been looking at the increasing price of unidentified mince and thinking that if chicken mince is $10-12 per kilo and chicken breast fillets are $8 per kilo I prefer cheaper and identified fresh mince.
Last night I defrosted a chicken breast and this morning made mince for the first time (have had the mincer for years but used it mainly for breadcrumbs with toasted stale I have now marinated the mince with coriander, garlic chives, finely chooped jerusalem artichokes (in lieu of water chestnuts) and some oyster sauce, ready to make wanton soup for dinner....

Photo of soup to come. Apologies for google image as my camera file corrupted and I had to format it and lost my photos, luckily only a few on there at the time.

Have a happy day xo

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