Sunday, May 13, 2012

We have lift off! (Rocket stove)

I had a great day at the tip on Friday, found a piece of metal I felt would be perfect for making my rocket stove work better, as previous version was not big enough and was not drawing enough oxygen to maintain fire levels.

It worked!!!!!

The pot had water and was boiling in a few minutes, frypan sizzling hot in no time at all, and seems quite easy to maintain the heat.  The only downside really is that there is little temperature control... It's hot or hot.

The basic premise as seen in the diagram below is feeding small diameter sticks into a chamber surrounded by insulation (easy to create with ash between the wall of the chamber and an external surround) The chamber allows air to flow in and burn the small diameter sticks at a high heat, creating less smoke emission and high temperature emitted through the top of the flue.
These stoves are being introduced as an alternative cooking source through africa and along with solar ovens being taken up as they require essentially scrap wood as opposed to existing charcoal stoves which need expensive and high polluting fuel

If you are interested in reading more about rocket stoves try

Maybe waffles on the rocket stove can be next :)

Have a happy day xo

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