Wednesday, May 16, 2012

keeping warm in winter

Last winter my electricity bill went up more than it ever has (hanging my head in shame) I used the oil heaters that can be kept at a constant temperature with a thermostat and we had them on most of the time keeping the chill out of the house, but when we got the bill in the mail at the end of the quarter I discovered that the cost of running these was more than I expected. This year we have replaced the oil heaters with a gas heater that we run only if using the living room and temperatures are too cold to be comfortable just with jumpers and a leg quilt.

Gradually I have been putting up curtains as well as the blinds that were already installed when I moved in in some of the rooms. The most recent addition has been the lounge room. Out at huskisson last week my friend spotted these gorgeous curtains that fit just right in the windows (ideally I will get around to letting the hems down soon of course) They are opened up in the morning for the sun to come through and whoever is home first shuts them up to keep the heat in.

What are you doing to keep warm and save energy this winter....?

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