Thursday, May 3, 2012

A new member of the family - needs a new home

On Sunday I went for a drive down the road, about 20 mins to Bewong - near the famous roadhouse to pick up our new rabbit. We had two rabbits, but then discovered that on their own they were always going to stay two rabbits as they were both male - this isn't very helpful when you are hoping to develop small scale meat production. So we needed a female, and she was advertised in the paper.

Maisy is 8 weeks old and is a flemish giant x New Zealand rabbit - both larger meat breeds.

She is currently the same size as our other full size rabbits, and she has a long way to go - probably at least double the size. She was quite skittish when she arrived but within two days is much calmer, inquisitive, enjoying her greens and coming up to say hello and ask for pats when you walk past.

But her temporary cage is just temporary, so we are converting large, long rabbit cage to two sections, here is the labourer creating a second door, we have already put a middle divider in, and raised the cage off the ground. makes it dryer, warmer and cleaner. Most weekends we give them some grass time which they love.

Have to wait a few months for Maisy to finish growing, and then we'll see how she goes as a mummy!


ThePoolRoom said...

Cool, I don't know of many people near here (I'm at Jamberoo) that keep meat rabbits! I'm interested to see how you go.

Hopefully I'll be set up for rabbits this winter - I might get in touch at some point to see if you know of anyone selling some breeding stock.


han_ysic said...

Definately, I'm lucky in that I have a friend who did for years and she is a great source of info - through the local permaculture group. New bunny now in her permanent home and eating her way through all the weeds in the garden, here's hoping she grows healthy and strong, and in a couple of months there'll be some bunny love happening :)