Thursday, May 17, 2012

sourdough waffles..... delicious of course :)

I have had an old waffle iron in the shed for ages and in a recent sorting, decided to move it inside and give waffles a go.

Sourdough style of course.

They need a lot longer cooking than pancakes, but were delicious, with that crispy edge typical of waffles. The key seems to be cooking even amounts on each side and oiling between each waffle. I have a small olive oil spray that I used, but would like to try brushing oil on with a silicon brush...

But what you all want - the recipe.

Night before - one cup of starter, one cup of flour and one cup of liquid (I use whey, you can use buttermilk or water)

In the morning mix in 1/8cup oil, one egg and mix thoroughly, then add pinch of salt and 1/2tsp bicarb soda.


I had mine with bananas and frozen yoghurt... but it was gone before I thought to take a photo loaded up :)

Have a happy day xo

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