Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This is our local art's centre, comprising 4 galleries, art teaching rooms, studios and a community radio upstairs. Last week was the opening of wood:wool:clay an exhibition of the local pottery woodwork and spinners and weavers.

Now I must confess. I was meant to have artwork in this exhibition, but completely forgot to take it in on the day it was supposed to arrive. Luckily I walked past the gallery during my lunch break on the day of the opening and so remembered to go.

These gorgeous shrugs are handspun and knitted by Yuriko. Shes a member of at least two of the groups and I think won the prize for the most exhibits. Aren't they gorgeous!

This is a spider web and it is knitted (the spider was needle felted.) It was amazing to see these be knitted at a recent meeting, although the display did cause some controversy, some people feeling it was a bit modern and something more traditional should be placed as the centrepiece of the exhibit. I loved it, and the way light was used cause gorgeous shadows on the wall.

I'll put my stuff in next years exhibition. Hopefully have some weaving by then too!

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