Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Visiting Friends

Lanterns catching the sunlight

I need to do a few posts to catch up on my weekend. It was a long weekend here, I think for Labour day so I headed up to Sydney to catch up with friends and family. First stop was Thirroul, north of Wollongong to visit Sharon, a friend from youth group days. We had lunch and caught up and I had to share this photo of her studio with you. I must get my back sunroom to look like this.

From there I headed up to Sydney and had dinner and stayed the night with my aunt. We cooked a delicious baked dinner, and watched a movie, then chatted until we were falling asleep.

In the morning I went to my old church, Sydney Christian Outreach Centre. So nice to catch up with lots of people. With travelling and buying a house, I haven't been there for almost a year, so there were babies running around that were in tummies last time I was there, and a few girls who are definately grown up into young women now! Best was to catch up with my closest friends, Angie and Miranda.

Angie and I at Parramatta Lake

Sunday afternoon I spent with Roberta, a gardening friend over a cup of tea and checking out the changes to her garden. Thanks Roberta for the pepino, tansy, sweet potato, rosemary and rocket cuttings.

Stayed the night with Miranda, her sister and their housemate, and then headed over to Clarissa and Eric's in the morning. Clarissa is another gardening friend and has been caring for one of my old chickens, Speckles since I moved to Nowra. Speckles had been working for her keep as a show chicken, going along to permaculture displays to help teach people that they can keep chickens at home.
Recently Clarissa contacted me to say that some of the other chickens have been picking on (well actually pecking on) Speckles. So as my chook tractor is now functional the intention was to take Speckles and another bantam back with me.

Rebecca and Penguin (approx 4 weeks old)

We also enjoyed a local lunch. Bread from the bakery down the road, eggs lettuce and tomatoes from the garden. Capsicum and cucumber from a friend of my who grows locally as well. Delicious. After lunch we went over to visit Illabunda, a property owned by Clarissa's parents which is being developed into an eco village.

When I was living in Sydney I would help take tours around the property during open days, and there was a giant clumping bamboo which they planned to cut out the middle and make into a kids cubby house.

One year down the track, me in the bamboo house. It's really magical. If I only had the space.

While we were at Illabunda we also dealt with a swarm of bees, we not necessarily including me. But that's for another post. After picking up some plants from Clarissa's garden and going to Permaculture Sydney West, I drove me and the chookies home, and went to bed. I think I need a holiday.


Viooltje said...

What an absolutely cute blog. Loved your writing, wittiness and great photos. Oh wait, and I also adore Portuguese ;-) My compliments and looking forward to more of your great blog. Cheers,


han_ysic said...

Thanks Violet, I love comments and I miss speaking portuguese, When I lived in Sydney I had a brasilian flatmate, and lots of friends, now I am far away from them. See you again soon.