Thursday, October 2, 2008

Councilor Brumerskyj

Well, my brother is officially a coucillor. This is him sitting in his seat at the council table (for USA it's local government, I think equal to Alderman) He has wanted to do this for 2-3 years and was the mayors running mate which helped his campaign.

The mayor is the guy in robes, and is an old friend who used to work with the youth group of another church in our area that my church had a lot to do with (ie our youth group would show up with water bombs and attack their youth group)

To his left is my pastor, who as the head of the local Minister's group was called to robe the mayor and pray for him. Turns out local councils are based on the bible, when Moses appointed 12 judges to look after all the civil matters of the people!

And this is my brother and Mum, very proud of her son!

Congratulations Bohdan.

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