Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spring and all it's sweetness

My garden is full of spring, new seedlings, lots of broad beans ready for picking, grass growing faster than it has through winter.... but my favourite thing is flowers... especially on the fruit trees. This is my nectarine, which is one of the last to flower. We had a couple of days of high 20's even up to 30 degrees celcius here in the last week, and it finally decided to bloom.

Also blooming is my new pear tree... and the most gorgeous baby pears forming after the flowers are done... I think it's a new favourite, they are just so perfect. The apple trees are just budding, small bunches of tiny buds pushing out of their branches almost miraculously.

Chamomile... looking forward to harvesting some of my own for tea...

Citrus... limes, oranges, lemons and more... the scent in the morning is divine. I am watching out for the descent of the stink bugs, but they haven't arrived yet and I am hoping that newspaper and mulch that has gone down over the last year may just have broken the cycle....

Roses... just because they're beautiful, and I think I pruned at the right time this year

Grapes... one vine already has tiny bunches coming out. The sultana I planted two years ago is growing leaves but no fruit yet... hopefully it still will.

Strawberries, mustn't forget them... have started work on a driveway of strawberries. Can't wait to see it complete, but as we have to kill off the difficult weeds and grasses that are underneath, it is going to be a work in progress for a while.

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