Thursday, July 30, 2009

long time - still here

I am still alive. There's lots going on, but I was reminded that some people do read this, so I will try and keep checking in, at least once a week!

What's going on?

Fostering a (nearly) 17 year old girl.

Camp reunion in Bathurst

Church - running bible study and kid's program at night


Moving furniture, and finally getting study/studio area under control

Permaculture group
New Chickens

I'm sure there's more....

Looking forward to this weekend. Tonight I am driving to Canberra to catch up with a friend, then Saturday is gma's 80th birthday, sunday taking J to the snow for her birthday and then coming back.
I think I'm going to start posting my thankfuls. Reminded by a good friend last night that this helps us get our eyes off the problems we are facing and build our hope and faith.
God Bless

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