Monday, February 9, 2009

Summer days

Sunny days of summer, testing out the equipment.. Jill's first sleep in a tent (22 and never slept in a tent before!!!!)

Me and Ally at Flat Rock, Upper Kangaroo Valler River, absolutely gorgeous!
Usually cooler than at home as it's up in the mountains, and always somewhere shady to sit, laze around on the rocks reading, talking, eating, or swim up to the rapids and make your own natural spa. What could beat that????

I guess Chinaman's Beach at Jervis Bay could also be considered quite stunning, white sand, cool water, gentle waves, and lots of coloured fish swimming around our legs.....

Or hanging out with my cousins at Colo River, teaching Emily how to jump off the rope swing, floating up the river, building sandcastles and playing boardgames on a picnic table under a tree.
I can't decide!

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