Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nowra Show

Look at what I won. I entered a bunch of stuff in the show, some preserves, some craft, my famous bread and some things from the garden. Came away with a bunch of certificates and some prize money.
I have to make a confession, that the weekend of the show was such a heatwave that I didn't actually go. I will next year I promise.
One of the most exciting things was that as I was picking everything up the president of the show society, said to me that the entries in the produce (aka vege) section were of a very high standard and that the awards I won were well deserved. How cool is that.
I entered some of the items in the weaving because I'm a member of the spinners and weavers, and won a second for a scarf, didn't expect that as it was the first thing I ever wove.
I was excited I won the prizes in the vege section (first for collection of herbs, seconds for pumpkin 10-15 cm diameter and for runner beans) because I want people to see that you can grow things of good quality in the home garden. Yeah. Hoping to enter (and win) even more next year!


Anonymous said...

Well done Hannah. I always enter our local show, it is a bit of fun. Is the pumpkin from the seeds I sent you? It looks nice and bright.

han_ysic said...

Yes it is. Thankyou very much. I'm saving seeds from them to pass on to others and to plant again. They grew really well. I ate a lot of the male flowers as well and they were great too.