Sunday, June 3, 2012

The power of a mentor

As a teenager I was not very confident, I enjoyed school and learning and quickly was boxed as the smart kid, the know it all, studious (my mother would laugh) and I also was very introverted, loving reading walking and riding horses. Most parents today would freak out at what I used to do, walking off track in the bush behind our school, with nothing but an occasional bottle of water... I think my mum probably did freak out a bit, and then learnt that that was who I was and she couldn't stop it, but she loved me enough to let me keep going with some boundaries around letting her know where I was going and when I would be back... something I still try and do :)

But I have changed, I am much more social, I love spending time with friends, the occasional party, and walking with others... I love to teach others to love the outdoors, to garden, to cook, to walk alongside those who are starting a faith journey and give them some pointers for what helped me...

I know I would never be the person I am today without people who walked along side me some of the journey, showing me that they cared for me, demonstrating Gods love in a practical and sometimes not so practical way. Picnics at the beach with icecreams and books, prayer over breakfast, chats late in the night over mugs of tea or hot chocolate, drives to the beach, walking in the bush or by the ocean, working, creating, serving together.

Sharon, Natalie, Doreen, Lisa, Meredith, Fiona, Ainsley, Elsie, Diana, Miriam, the list could go on forever.... these are just a few.

So last Friday another girl and I started a group for highschool girls in our church. Many of them have never been in a bible study or lifegroup before, some of them I'm not sure yet where they are in their faith journey. Karien and I want to provide a space for growth for these girls - growth in themselves, in their faith, in their identity as women, in their relationships.

Please be praying that they feel loved and supported, welcomed and accepted as they come through the group and for us to lead and mentor them well... The bible says that there is a greater responsibility and expectation on those who lead others and we need all the prayer we can get!

Have a lovely day xo

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