Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kitchen Renovations are Go


I am slightly distracted from other things I should be doing by my kitchen renovations....

I have ripped out all the cupboards and a wall, plumber has removed taps and disconnected the oven - now for sale on Ebay. Wednesday was new window. Old one was broken sash window - sash and glass broken. Didn't let much light through. In this photo builder is cutting the window space larger to let more light in!!!! It looks so good now.

Spent yesterday jackhammering removing the tiles from the floor. So much easier than by hand! Thanks to a builder friend who lent me the (massive) tool. Luckily I got it all done in the morning and went to body balance class after lunch.... stretched all those muscles out before they could get too painful. The guns are massive

So now only need to do the electrical work and paint the ceiling before the new kitchen goes in...

Have a happy day.


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